Ageless Oxygen System by EME Italy


Introducing the Ageless Oxygen System by EME Italy. We are now able to offer revolutionary new treatments to help tired, ageing skin with the use of Oxygen Technology here at the Spa.


Ageless supplies 93% of pure oxygen, breathing it from the enviroment by a special patented system of filtration making an instant emission of pure Oxygen, increasing the level of the Oxygen production in the skin to stimulate the product of Elastin and Collagen in order to promote new cell growth and improved lacticity of the skin.




Ageless can be used for the following treatments;

  • Smooth and give brightness to the tissues
  • Reduces the stress and tiredness
  • Reduces stretch marks/scars
  • Regerenates the tissues and fights the ageing process
  • Nourishes and oxygenates the skin increasing hydration
  • Decongests the skin with significant benefits on 'Roseacea'


It also diffuses the active agents into the skin making the appearance of younger, firmer looking skin.


Ageless can be used as a standalone treatment or can be added onto any Facial as a luxury end to the treatment.


Prices start from £15:

Please contact the Spa for a consultation with our trained therapists.


Courses Available;

Buy 6 pay for 5!

Buy 12 pay for 9!