Thermal Therapy Skin Tightening...

Here at the spa we are proud to introduce a fantastic new treatment for Tightening the Skin on the face and body - Thermal Therapy RF.


This non-invasive technology tightens the skin on both the Face and Body, exploiting the diathermy principle, the deep heating of the skin tissues, due to high frequency electromagnetic waves.  It is meant to treat; Skin Laxity, Wrinkles and Face and Body Flaws.  Its lifting effect is produced by the temperature increase which causes contractions of the collagen fibres with a reshaping of the treated area.


Besides, the vascularisation and liquid drainage effects can also be focused on the most superficial layers, thus improving skin tone and glow and reducing localised FAT and 'Peau d' Orange' effect to obtain a brighter and smoother skin with visible results from the first session.


Thermal Therapy acts to re-establish cell metabolism balance, making tissues more compact and younger looking.  It improves microcirculation, reduces oedema, fat accumulation and skin laxity.


Thermal Therapy provides a PAINLESS non-invasive treatment with suprising results from the first session.


  • Body Shaping & Lifting
  • Wrinkle Reduction
  • Firming, Lifting & Rejuvenation effect
  • Facial Contour Redefinition


Prices start from £60 per session - Please book a FREE no obligation consultation with a Therapist