Endermologie® for the face


Understanding the skins beauty mechanisms:


As the true architects of the skin, fibroblasts are responsible for creating the basic building blocks of the dermis, giving it density, softness and radiance: Collagen for preservation and firmness, Elastin for suppleness and Hyaluronic Acid for volume and hydration. Yet as early as 25 years old, its activity slows down and the first signs of ageing appear.


Praised by thousands of women for nearly 30 years and scientifically proven, endermologie® is a natural and pleasant technique that gently stimulates the skin the create and intense physiological awakening: as if their youth had been restored, the stimulated fibroblasts operate from within to produce a true metamorphosis of the skin. The complexion is brighter, skin is replumped, wrinkles are smoothed and facial contours are redesigned. 


Consultation 30 mins:                                                              £30


Targeted Treatments:                                                        10mins (each) £20 (each)      



Eye Circles and puffs                            

Eye Wrinkles                                       

Mouth Area                                          

Jaw Line                                              

Double Chin                                        





Classic Treatments:    
Glow 15 mins £30
Fluid Mobilisation 20 mins £40
Decollete and Bust 25 mins £50
Age-defying, resculpting, toning, replumping 30 mins £60


Signature Treatments:    
Skin Awakening 40 mins £80
Cellular Stimulation 75 mins £150
Perfect eyes and lips 40 mins £80


Personal Assessment:  
Endermolift Kit £27

Personal pincers that need to be purchased with your first treatment for hygiene purposes. These will be yours and you will need to bring them with you to each treatment. The price of these are also redeemable against any LPG course booked.




*Courses available (consultation fee, face kit redeemable against course purchase)