Our Specialised Waxing


Brazilian     This is the landing strip, with most of the hair removed from underneath and behind

Playboy       A slightly thinner strip than the Brazilian, all hair is removed from underneath and behind

Hollywood  All hair is removed from the entire area


Hot Wax option available on request for an additional £2 per treatment 

½ Leg


½ Leg and bikini £25
½ Leg and Extended bikini £27
¾ Leg £23
¾ Leg and bikini £27
¾ Leg and Extended bikini £29
Full leg £29
Full leg and bikini £32
Full leg and Extended bikini £34
Bikini (Hot wax available)


Extended bikini (Hot wax available) £14
Brazilian (Hot wax only) £27
Hollywood/Playboy (Hot wax only) £30
Underarm £10
Forearm £12
Upper lip or chin (Hot wax available) £8/£10
Lip and chin (Hot wax available) £16
Sideburns £10
Cheeks £10
Shoulders £15
Stomach from £20
Full arm from £15
Chest from £20
Back from £20
Back and chest from £35